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Rolex log type wrist was born in 1945, was the first to the surface has a calendar display window of the wrist watch, a few years later, wrist watch crystal surface add small window lens (Cyclops eye) showed that has since become a rolex symbol generation.The log with its classic design, become the taste style.Oyster type constant operation log type delay slow change and evolution, not only has the eternal, noble, luxurious style, at the same time, it is a blend of cutting-edge technology and excellent technology.Below and luxury small make up together to learn the history of the Cheap Replica Rolex Datejust Watches UK series.

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Rolex Datejust watches series since the wrist on the surface of the first calendar display function, therefore the appellation “log” hence the name.In addition to platinum or precious metals such as Cheap Replica Rolex Gold Watches, log type wrist watch also is equipped with stainless steel design, more with different aesthetic needs and lifestyle.

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904 l stainless steel is very strict to the requirement of the manufacturing process, rolex all can do the best.Because of precious metals such as steel extremely difficult to damage, but easy to polish, therefore puts forward great challenge on manufacturing and stamping process, rolex for this special heat treatment mold steel, also specially developed particularly hard tools, such as abrasion on the surface of the coated with tungsten carbide tools.After all the end of the process, through the final polishing processing, the finished product to become bright and flawless.For Replica Rolex Watches, stainless steel and precious metals, they must also achieve the same height of aesthetic requirements and quality standards.

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Rolex will support the world’s leading architecture exhibition, exhibition of the building on May 28 solstice on November 27, was held in Venice.Is this rolex in three years (2014, 2016 and 2018), the second international architecture exhibition ─ Venice biennale’s exclusive partner and designated hour meter.

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Rolex Replica Watches director of communications and image (Arnaud Boetsch) said: “with the architecture biennale collaboration, we feel very proud. Building and tabulation has much in common, both of which must be functional and aesthetic capabilities, both convenient and practical, will make a feast for the eyes. To do this, you must reach the highest level in terms of accuracy and performance, this is the place of rolex one-upmanship, will also be held in the next six months in the historic city of exhibition to show.”

Rolex to become the world’s leading advanced wrist watch brand, derived from more than a century ago founder Hans Wilsdorf faith, committed to excellence at every level.He created the new crust structure, make the classic series of Rolex Fake Oyster Type Watches UK the first waterproof wrist watch, like the great buildings, experienced time baptize while standing.

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Over the past 50 years, Rolex Cheap Replica Diving Watches for its office building design and construction, requirement is also consistent with the concept of tabulation, also strive for excellence.Two office building, the company’s latest by (Kengo Kuma) design of the Texas Dallas office buildings, as well as by Italian (Studio Albini) design of office building, milan are exhibition, exhibition will be held in the exhibition gardens by rolex.

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A moment, before I went to a Replica rolex Watches UK mysterious media tour. Mysterious, because the service center located in the center of the century wealth is very big in the city, no one would have thought that it was hidden inside large maintenance center.

Put into the reception of the rolex, the door with a similar bank of electronic machine, can through the electronic screen after guests brought the number wait your turn, Tudor adjunct to the reception desk and its maintenance.


All watch needs assessed before repairing, maintenance division will first wrist watch header, bracelet apart, after careful inspection given a review, and attach price maintenance. Only after the guest confirmation can be sent. All the repairing watches, no matter how easily, all need to pass this step. If send watches are fake, unfortunately, the guest will be please to the interior, was told that this unfortunate fact.

Simple maintenance, such as cutting chain after assessment can directly handle;Watch of wrist of complex maintenance, will be put into the envelope, from the third floor to the fifth floor.Envelopes full of table also has exquisite, four different color to distinguish the connections that wrist watch: yellow envelope bags with retailers to send Best Fake rolex Watches UK, green envelope bag to send a guest to send a Cheap Fake Rolex Watches For Sale, a white envelope bag retailers emperor rudder, red envelope bag to send a guest emperor rudder, simple and clear.


From the third floor to the fifth floor of the maintenance department, as if into the isolated world, white corridor connects a lot of room, we shuttling unexpectedly has no sense of direction.In addition to the maintenance division here are all Chinese, the environment and atmosphere here let me there is a table factory in Switzerland.

Replica Rolex Submariner Series Green Dial Watches UK

Rolex is a classic brand of the Swiss watch industry.It has been in serious, practical, not flashy style widely popular with successful people.Rolex Replica Watches UK precision and high durability, attracting millions of users.Rolex praised for its robust characteristics for everybody, in the field of production mechanical watch, it has always been synonymous with precision.Rolex logo design to adopt the crown logo and letters, this also locate the rolex watch industry leadership, at the same time to represent the whole Swiss watch industry had a good reputation among the people.

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Rolex’s hottest Rolex Submariner Fake Watches now, commonly known as the green ghost, is this a wrist watch, someone like it because its green disk color;Some people like it because he is a rolex, walking;Some people like it because it was in short supply.

Pure 904 l stainless steel material price is more expensive than ordinary 316 l Stainless Steel Rolex Replica Watches in more than two times.Wrist watch machine core carrying as CAL. 3135 automatic chain machine, entirely by rolex produced, of all the mass production of watches, rolex is among the highest precision, this is the reason why its rugged produced movement.Carrying on the 3135 automatic chain machine, is arguably the most strong movement, and is also the basis of all rolex movement movement, strong and durable.\

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Exploration journey never stop explorer to challenge the top the top of the volcano, polar end, deep inside the earth, and fire, etc. No one set foot on the jedi, as well as the detection of earth, but to go forward, persistence surrender and adventurous spirit of trial, is the pursuit of deeper and higher level of commodity description ROLEX explorer II explorer’s wrist watch oyster type constant dynamic explorer type II is a pioneer and allegiance of adventurous person.

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Rolex launched the new series of Replica Rolex Cellini Watches UK since 2014, it broke the inherent image, has always been to give a person a rolex also have such elegant side, rolex also can produce such a dress watch.In 2015 and 2015, the Basel international horologe exhibition, rolex is also the continuation of the design style of the new Cellini, acclaimed, wrist watch today’s home just to bring us in 2016, a rolex Basel international horologe exhibition, new Cellini watches the tasting, official type of wrist watch: 50519.

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Rolex Cellini Leather Strap Fake Watches all adopt for precious metals material, today’s this one watches use for 18 k white gold material, table circle and crown are the classic triangle pit grain design, the design is not only beautiful, and the set-up time is more convenient, on the crown of wrist engraved rolex classic crown logo.

Wrist watch match for a black alligator strap, clasp the withholding of 18K White Gold Copy Rolex Watches needle type, on the wrist watch buckle, there is a rolex classic crown logo, reveals the confidence of the brand.39 mm in diameter, the classic brand of traditional circular design, and detailed modelling shell ear, polishing, and the arch of triangle grooved outer ring and outer ring double outer ring, let the wrist watch more distinctive.The other surface also cites the tabulation of brand and traditional knowledge.Both the surface by surface modification, decorated with black or silver classic “Rayon flamme DE la gloire” emission lines, and with gold solid hour markers.

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Still didn’t change is the design of the watch is still not adopt a trainspotter, rolex watches in addition to the early cellini prince series design of wrist watch had gone, the rest are made tight bottom design.Movement into watchcase rolex top test after the observatory precision meter, the average error of plus or minus two seconds per day, compared to the average at the time of authentication precision meter precision twice.Green seal is the symbol of top observatory precision meter, each rolex watches are only attach the stamp, with the global warranty guarantee for five years.

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The clocks and watches, Replica Rolex Watches White Dial launched a new type Air King, wrist watch case is 40 mm in diameter, with 904 l steel forging.Unique black dial, heavy with the Arabic numeral hour markers, minute scale conspicuous prominent, so that can clearly read when sailing.”Air – King” on the dial, the font used in the 1950 s designed for the original watch and, watch have rolex green and yellow mark at the same time.

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The New Rolex Fake Oyster Perpetual Watches UK constant dynamic universe Daytona904L steel watch, equipped with black ceramic Cerachrom outer ring.The new design will be high-tech smelting furnace, with special aesthetic and salute to this legend of excellence tradition.For a long time, Daytona ceramic ring only appeared on the series of precious metal style, the combined with stainless steel watchcase, sells for about 78000 yuan.

Fresh oyster type motion type explorer wrist watch, upgrade night-light display design enhance readability.Watch of wrist of 3, 6 and 9 o ‘clock position with night-light display with long-term blue light material, consistent with other hour markers and pointer, clear, easy to read.

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Rolex Explorer II Series Watches has been the allegiance of adventurous people.Agent II in design follows the brand is grave, practical, not buckish, contracted and the atmosphere;24 hours on the function display, 3 o ‘clock position to expand instantaneous jump calendar, 12 hours GMT, easily adjustable set pointer independently, and can deal with all kinds of bad environment of solid work.In addition, the agent of strap, table II, fine steel watchcase of integration design, gift watch waterproof performance of the wicked.

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Rolex first Milgauss antimagnetic watch is the production in the 1950 s Ref. 6541 and Ref. 6543.These tables are relatively rare precious crown, as in the past five years manufacturing antimagnetic watch is based on the previous antimagnetic watch for the model.Similarly, rolex Milgauss watch also is such.Myself like a watch is five years, but always out for one reason or another, until now, I can give my Rolex Milgauss Series Replica Watches UK to do a preliminary “review”.

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The Milgauss1019 is produced by rolex in 1960, according to the terms of reference, it is the earliest antimagnetic watch.Original Milguass antimagnetic watch production target is very clear is that professionals and scientists, in order to be able to work in the special environment (laboratories, power plants, for example), and the potential factors influencing the precision of wrist watch is obvious.In order to solve this problem, Milgauss antimagnetic Black Dial Rolex Fake Watches use magnetic alloy material as well as antimagnetic movement device, make the wrist watch in strong magnetic field can also be relative to protect watches from magnetic interference.There is such a story in the newspaper in 1960, is engaged in the doctors and nurses are summarized, massage therapists, experimental staff and other industries will be more use of watches.Look at the following advertisements!

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Ref. 1019 later during 1960 to 1989, the production of more concentrated.Ref. 1019 wrist watch is “old” appearance, often can let a person have the feeling of the 1970 s, restore ancient ways.Wrist watch case is using the material of stainless steel, with the words “Milhauss” on the dial as if describes the legend of rolex.After many years later, some elements on the dial, materials and the size of the scale as a pointer to the subtle changes, and the style of the pointer is also changing.Also, the use of luminous pointer has become dispensable, early antimagnetic Stainless Steel Strap Rolex Watches mostly used in CERN (CERN), there was no use luminescent material, at the same time, I believe that time is unlikely to have this kind of material.So you can’t determine the previous Ref. 1019 of the wrist watch is luminous, but Ref. 1019 case is 304 l.L said the proportion of the carbon material is relatively less.

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Once is not so crazy to watch, don’t know the Patek Philippe, also don’t know Vacheron Constantin.When I one day see in newspapers and above horological rank, just know originally and is more expensive than rolex, more high-end watches.Mentioned in those days, the first think of is “watch” Rolex, the more do not know what “Submariner,” Yatch – Master “, “” Daytona”, know that the best is only other delectable big “Gold Dial Rolex Replica Watches UK“.

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Representatives of the “Gold Rolex”, that is, Rolex Day – Date to talk about today, referred to as “DD, the official full name is called Osyter Perpetual Day -Date.Four simple words that have the characteristics of this gold watch to say clearly, waterproof, automatic, calendar, week.In 1956, the rolex in Baselworld introduced a Day – Date, patented automatic table from the rolex 25 years, from the famous Osyter gave birth year just 30 years.Before this, rolex has another use Oyster atlas, perpetual motion machine, with the moon calendar of Ref. 6062).

Rolex was made to launch Day – Date, because they have been given a calendar week instantaneous jump of the patent, can break the dilemma of the watch of dual display at that time. Rolex Fake Day – Date Series Watches are cancelled when popular calendar and week in the design of the 12 o ‘clock direction, the calendar to 3 o ‘clock position, and expanded the week window into a long fan placed at the top of the dial at 12 o ‘clock position.This change to become the world’s first Day – Date on the dial is both calendar window and can display the whole week wrist watch, watch of double the week before that are using abbreviations.For nearly 60 years of days, Day – Date has been in use the classical design.

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In 2008, the rolex and introduced a Day – Date II, watch case by 36 mm diameter increase to Rolex 41MM Diameter Copy Watches, watch for the Ref. 218238, movement on the basis of the original use of the rolex developed Paraflex suspension device, upgraded to Cal. 3156.

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This is a article from the center of the rolex maintenance repair guide, was introduced in detail, Replica Stainless Steel Rolex Watches UK maintenance program and daily use of the note.All my pictures and translation and share, translation have a wrong place, welcome to point out mistakes.

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Rolex service program design, is to ensure that each wrist left the rolex works in accordance with its original function and aesthetic norms.Thoroughly to each movement;Platinum and Replica Rolex Luminous Watches For Sale carefully renovation, restore its luster.Timing accuracy and water proofing property through rigorous testing to ensure compliance with you for rolex watches quality and reliability of the natural expectations.

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After the maintenance services, for the first time to wear before, it is important to manually on the chain.To do so, unscrewed the table put the chain on the position and rotate clockwise 20 times or so.Please remember on the chain after properly tighten crown, in order to ensure waterproof.Your watch machine core number and the serial number is the only one.It not only can let the Fake Rolex Waterproof Watches watchmaker, in order to make sure you watch the original configuration, also the process of each stage of the service history record and tracking.

Replica Watches Rolex Pearlmaster Series For UK Sale

Rolex is still a career-best 2016 has brought many new works, and many not yet on the market has become a hot money.For Pearlmaster 39, it is an important part of the year, because the Replica Watches Rolex UK started with 14 patents new movement Cal. 3235 applications, instead of using 3135 movement for nearly 30 years.

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This means that it will be an upgrade of Pearlmaster 39.Next, in the new model is 86286-86286 watches as an example, to look at Sale Replica Rolex Pearlmaster Series Watches.Pearlmaster 39 wrist of 39 mm watchcase, perfect combination rolex remarkable precision tabulation skills and stone setting process.

On Pearlmaster 39 wrist diamonds are pure quality and selected by strict standards, and according to the most excellent traditional Mosaic carefully, in order to show the most dazzling light.Rolex sets up gems lab, experienced experts, quality supervision and gems.

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In addition to the quality of the gem, several strictly enforce standards also established a rolex gem inlay art reputation: gem neat arrangement, orientation and position, Fake Rolex Diamond Watches UK strong, inlaid rule and aesthetic feeling, and the final bead decoration, etc.